Honorary Members

Those Florida Educational Research Association (FERA) members that have demonstrated sustained leadership and service over the years are considered for Honorary Membership in the association. FERA honorary members are voted on by the leadership of the association. As can be glaned below, only a select few members have been awarded this status in the association.

Name Year Name Year
H. H. Remers 1966 Rick Nations 1997
June Hopper 1974 Jack McAfee 1998
Roger T. Lennon 1975 Jim Swanson 2000
William H. Angoff 1975 Bill Castine 2001
George Loiselle 1976 Wes Davis 2003
Hazen Curtis 1976 Charles “Chuck” Dziuban 2005
Vynce Hines 1981 Bruce Hall 2007
John Espey 1981 John Hildebrand 2012
Walter Durost 1981 Lee Baldwin 2013
Howard Stoker 1983 Brenda Bartholomew 2014
Annie Ward 1984 Kathleen Dailey 2017
Russell Kropp 1985 Ron Dailey 2017
Bill Myers 1985 Sam Whitten 2017
Jake Beard 1997 John Morris