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(1) The Application of Simultaneous Confidence Intervals for Multinomial Populations to an Inventory of Plans and Goals

John J. Convey
Catholic University of America

Citation: Convey, J. J. (1975). The application of simultaneous confidence intervals for multinomial populations to an inventory of plans and goals. Florida Journal of Educational Research, 17(1), 1-12.

Download:  Convey.171.pdf (147 downloads)

(2) A Comparative Evaluation of the Pinellas County Reading System

Jane K. Elligett
Pinellas County Schools

Thomas S. Tocco
Pinellas County Schools

Citation: Elligett, J. K., & Tocco, T. S. (1975). A comparative evaluation of the Pinellas county reading system. Florida Journal of Educational Research, 17(1), 41-46.

Download:  Elligett.171.pdf (133 downloads)

(3) Are Parents Satisfied with their Children’s Education

Marilyn J. Floyd

Citation: Floyd, M. J. (1975). Are parents satisfied with their children’s education. Florida Journal of Educational Research, 17(1), 16-22.

Download:  Floyd.171.pdf (128 downloads)

(4) A Note on the Experimental Treatment of Shakespearean Pagination

Kenneth Majer
Indiana University

Michael Flanigan
Indiana University

Citation: Majer, K., & Flanigan, M. (1975). A not on the experimental treatment of Shakespearean pagination. Florida Journal of Educational Resarch, 17(1), 55-57.

Download:  Majer.171.pdf (153 downloads)

(5) The Instructional Development/Plato Effort in Florida

John R. Merrill
Center for Educational Design
Florida State University

Citation: Merrill, J. R. (1975). The instructional development/plato effort in Florida. Florida Journal of Educational Research, 17(1), 47-54.

Download:  Merrill.171.pdf (171 downloads)

(6) Regression on Factor Scores Without Factor Scores: A Comment and a Program

John D. Morris
University of Florida

Citation: Morris, J. D. (1975). Regression on factor scores without factor scores: a comment and a program. Florida Journal of Educational Research, 17(1), 13-15.

Download:  Morris.171.pdf (169 downloads)

(7) Implementing Mastery Learning in a Teacher Education Program

Anna M. Nelson
Florida Atlantic University

Citation: Nelson, A. M. (1975). Implementing mastery learning in a teacher education program. Florida Journal of Educational Research, 17(1), 23-33.

Download:  Nelson.171.pdf (156 downloads)

(8) A Brave New World for Researchers?

Janice P. Smith
Florida State University

Citation: Smith, J. P. (1975). A brave new world for researchers? Florida Journal of Educational Research, 17(1), 34-40.

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