Journal Current

(1) A Re-Examination of the Robustness of the Two Independent Means T-test to Population Non-Normality

R. Clifford Blair
University of South Florida

Steven W. Phillippy
University of South Florida

Citation: Blair, R. C., & Phillippy, S. W. (1980). (1) A re-examination of the robustness of the two independent means t-test to population non-normality. Florida Journal of Educational Research, 22(1), 1-13.

Download:  Blair.221.pdf (766 downloads)

(2) Type of Reinforcer and Mode of Presentation

Jane K. Elligett
Pinellas County Schools

Citation: Elligett, J. K. (1980). Type of reinforcer and mode of presentation. Florida Journal of Educational Research, 22(1), 55-69.

Download:  Elligett.221.pdf (842 downloads)

(3) A Comment on the Subjective Decisions Required of the Researcher in the Selection of a Statistical Outlier Test

Patricia Fisher
University of Tennessee – Knoxville

Citation: Fisher, P. (1980). A comment on the subjective decisions required of the researcher in the selection of a statistical outlier test. Florida Journal of Educational Research, 22(1), 27-41.

Download:  Fisher.221.pdf (916 downloads)

(4) Setting Mastery Test Cut-Scores – an Evaluative Model Approach

Abdelatti A. EI-Sayyad
AI-Azhar University, Egypt

H. W. Stoker
Florida State University

Citation: El-Sayyad, A. A., & Stoker, H. W. (1980). Setting mastery test cut-scores – an evaluative model approach. Florida Journal of Educational Research, 22(1), 71-107.

Download:  Sayyad.221.pdf (762 downloads)

(5) Approaches to Comprehensive and Systematic Faculty Evaluation

Steven H. Smartt
Southern Regional Education Board

Jon F. Wergin
Medical College of Virginia

Albert B. Smith
University of Florida

George E. Rolle
Southern Association of Colleges and Schools

Citation: Smartt, S. H., Wergin, J. F., Smith, A. B., & Rolle, G. E. (1980). Approaches to comprehensive and systematic faculty evaluation. Florida Journal of Educational Research, 22(1), 15-26.

Download:  Smartt.221.pdf (960 downloads)

(6) Assessing Educational Equity With Sex Role Measures

Susan Thomas
Florida State University

Mary Robinson
Florida State University

Citation: Thomas, S., & Robinson, M. (1980). Assessing educational equity with sex role measures. Florida Journal of Educational Research, 22(1), 43-54.

Download:  Thomas.221.pdf (910 downloads)