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(8) Predicting Kindergarten Success with Developmental and Cognitive Variables

Susan J. Thomas
Florida State University

Citation: Thomas, S. J. (1891). Predicting kindergarten success with developmental and cognitive variables. Florida Journal of Educational Research, 23(1), 117-131.

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(1) The Relationship Between Children’s Writing Performance and Standardized Test Scores

Linda Crocker
University of Florida

Linda Lamme
University of Florida

Toni Ondresik
University of Florida

Citation: Crocker, L., Lamme, & L. Ondresik, T. (1981). The relationship between children’s writing performance and standardized test scores. Florida Journal of Educational Research, 23(1), 92-104.

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(2) How Practical is Value-Added Analysis for Estimating Treatment Effects in School Settings?

FJ King
Florida State University

Yuwadee Wongbundhit
Florida State University

Yvonne M. Bigos
Leon County Schools

B. F. Foster
Florida Department of Education

Citation: King, FJ, Wongbundhit, Y., Bigos, Y. M., & Foster, B. F. (1981). How practical is value-added analysis for estimating treatment effects in school settings? Florida Journal of Educational Research, 23(1), 51-64.

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(3) The Relationship of Administrative Preparation Programs and Administrator Perception of Their Relevance to Position Responsibilities

Marlene Mitchell
Broward Community College
Biscayne College

Citation: Mitchell, M. (1981). The relationship of administrative preparation programs and administrator perception of their relevance to position responsibilities. Florida Journal of Educational Research, 23(1), 105-116.

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(4) A Study of the Syntactic Complexity of Standard English and Black English Speaking Kindergarten Age Children

Regan Ann Musgrove
Lanier Elementary School, Tampa, Florida

Citation: Musgrove, R. A. (1981). A study of the syntactic complexity of standard English and black english speaking kindergarten age children. Florida Journal of Educational Research, 23(1), 25-35.

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(5) Attitudes and Opinions of Florida High School Seniors Toward Community Colleges

John M. Nickens
University of Florida

Citation: Nickens, J. M. (1981). Attitudes and opinions of Florida high school seniors toward community colleges. Florida Journal of Educational Research, 23(1), 65-91.

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(6) Syntactical Analysis of Written Advance Organizers

Stephen F. Olejnik
University of Florida

John M. Newell
University of Florida

Citation: Olejnik, S. F., & Newell, J. M. (1981). Syntactical analysis of written advance organizers. Florida Journal of Educational Research, 23(1), 36-50.

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(7) Factorial ATI Analysis

Richard L. Tate
Florida State University

Citation: Tate, R. L. (1981). Factorial ATI analysis. Florida Journal of Educational Research, 23(1), 1-24.

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