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    (1) An Empirical Investigation of Item-Pool and Year-to-Year Equating Plans: Using Large-Scale Assessment Data

    Xinya Liang
    University of Arkansas

    Fayetteville Jin Koo
    The Enrollment Management Association

    Hülya Yürekli
    Turkish Ministry of National Education

    Insu Paek
    Florida State University

    Betsy Jane Becker
    Florida State University

    Salih Binici
    Florida Department of Education

    Hirotaka Fukuhara


    Liang, X., Koo, J., Yürekli, H., Paek, I., Becker, B. J., Binici, S., & Fukuhara, H. (2017). An empirical investigation of item-pool and year-to-year equating plans: Using large-scale assessment data. Florida Journal of Educational Research55(1), 1-18.

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    (2) Effects of a Multiyear Curricular and Professional Development Intervention on Elementary Teachers’ Science Content Knowledge

    Brandon S. Diamond
    University of Miami

    Jaime Maerten-Rivera
    University of Miami

    Okhee Lee
    New York University


    This study examined the effectiveness of a fifth grade science curriculum and professional development intervention at increasing teachers’ science content knowledge (SCK) over the period of 3 years. The intervention included an inquiry-based science curriculum and ongoing professional development opportunities concentrating on both science content and pedagogy. SCK was measured using a science knowledge test written at the fifth grade content level and a questionnaire scale asking teachers how knowledgeable they felt teaching science at the fifth grade level. Longitudinal multilevel modeling was used to examine change in the treatment group and the control group. The treatment group demonstrated an increase in both measures of SCK after the first year, with continued improvement in self-report throughout the 3-year period. The control group demonstrated smaller consistent growth in test scores, reaching a level comparable to the treatment group at the end of 3 years, but there was no significant change in self-report over the 3-year period. These results led to the conclusion that the intervention increased the rate at which teachers learned science content, as well as increasing their confidence in their SCK.


    Diamond, B. S., Maerten-Rivera, J., & Lee, O. (2017). Effects of a multiyear curricular and professional development intervention on elementary teachers’ science content knowledge. Florida Journal of Educational Research55(2), 1-24.

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