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(1) The Effect of Teacher-Offered Conditions of Empathy, Positive Regard, and Congruence Upon Student Achievement

David N. Aspy
University of Florida

Citation: Aspy, D. N. (1969). The effect of teacher-offered conditions of empathy, positive regard, and congruence upon student achievement. Florida Journal of Educational Research, 11(1), 39-48.

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(2) The Relationship Between Age and Information processing Capacity of Adults

William L. Carpenter
Florida State University

Citation: Carpenter, W. L. (1969). The relationship between age and information processing capacity of adults. Florida Journal of Educational Researcher, 11(1), 63-75.

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(3) Block Scheduling in the community Junior College

Clifford C. Courson
Brevard Junior College

Corinne O’Brien
Brevard Junior College

Citation: Courson, C. C., & O’Brien, C. (1969). Block scheduling in the community junior college. Florida Journal of Educational Research, 11(1), 53-62.

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(4) An Analysis of Teacher Assigned Grades At Nova and Three Control Schools

Garrett R. Foster
Florida State University

Citation: Foster, G. R. (1969). An anlysis of teacher assigned grades at Nova and three control schools. Florida Journal of Educational Research, 11(1), 1-24.

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(5) Non-Promotion: A study of the Relationship of Pupil Sex and Age to First Grade Failure

Elaine Falardeau Fuerst
Palm Beach County Schools

Citation: Fuerst, E. F. (1969). Non-promotion: a study of the relationship of pupil sex and age to first grade failure. Florida Journal of Educational Research, 11(1), 83-89.

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(6) Group Counseling of High School Underachievers

Robert M. Laxer
University of Toronto

Jack Quarter
University of Toronto

Citation: Laxer, R. M., & Quater, J. (1969). Group counseling of high school underachievers. Florida Journal of Educational Research, 11(1), 77-81.

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(7) Ability Grouping by Multiple Discriminant Analysis

William G. Miller
University of South Florida

Citation: Miller, W. G. (1969). Ability grouping by multiple discriminant analysis. Florida Journal of Educational Research, 11(1), 25-37.

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(8) A Comparison of the Achievement of Pupils in a Segregated Negro School with That of Similar Pupils in an Integrated School

Andrew J. Moore
Volusia County

Citation: Moore, A. J. (1969). A comparison of the achievement of pupils in a segregated negro school with that of similar pupils in an integrated school. Florida Journal of Educational Research, 11(1), 49-51.

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(9) A Review of Developments in Instructional Technology

Robert M. Morgan
Florida State University

Citation: Morgan, R. M. (1969). A review of developments in instructional technology. Florida Journal of Educational Research, 11(1), 93-112.

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