(1) Measuring the Environmental Literacy of High School Students

Margaret B. Bogan
Jacksonville State University

Jeffrey D. Kromrey
University of South Florida

Abstract: The Florida Environmental Literacy Survey was used to determine the environmental literacy of high school students. Environmental literacy is defined as: knowing ecology (KAS); being attitudinally predisposed to the environment (ATT); valuing responsible environmental behaviors (NEB); participating in responsible environmental behaviors (AEB); and knowing political action strategies (PAR). Students averaged a score of 37% in their knowledge of ecology (KAS); held a positive attitude towards the environment (ATT); knew environmentally responsible behaviors (NEB); and some participated therein (AEB).

Citation: Bogan, M. B., & Kromrey, J. D. (1996). Measuring the environmental literacy of high school students. Florida Journal of Educational Research, 36(1), 62-70.

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