(1) Perceptual Differences Among Principals Toward a Magnet Middle School and its Thematic Curriculum

G. Michael Barry
University of West Florida

L. Carolyn Pearson
University of West Florida

Patricia J. Wentz
University of West Florida

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to examine the attitudes of a magnet school principal and other school district middle school principals toward the magnet school and the infusion of technology into its thematic curriculum. The participants in this study consisted of a magnet school principal and the remaining nine middle school principals from a large, urban, northwest Florida school district. The data were gathered using two instruments developed for use in the study, an open-ended survey and a 32-item attitudinal measure. The results from both instruments indicated that the middle school principals held quite different (and more negative) perceptions toward the magnet school than the magnet school principal. There was agreement, however, on the potential of technology in the schools and the use of a thematic curriculum.

Citation: Barry, M. G., Pearson, L. C., & Wentz, P. J. (1993). Perceptual differences among principals toward a magnet middle school and its thematic curriculum. Florida Journal of Educational Research, 33(1), 40-47.

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