(1) The Flexible Policy for the Seventh Period/Extended School Day in Florida

Neal H. Berger
University of South Florida

Nina B. Barrios
Evaluation Systems Design, Inc.

Howard Williams
Floria State University

Garrett Foster
Florida State University

Abstract: Between 1983 and 1985 the Florida Legislature enacted legislation which increased the credits required for high school graduation and the closely related length and configuration of the school day. This study examined the perceptions of members of the Superintendents’ Task Force on the Seventh Period/Extended SchoolDay, members and staff of the Florida Legislature’s Education Committees and Appropriations Committees, and personnel from the Florida Department of Education regarding the flexible nature of the implementation policy. Specifically, it addresses the following considerations: the rationale and goals for the current policy, its anticipated effects on students, parents, teachers, and administrators and the anticipated impact of mandated implementation requirements.

Citation: Berger, N. H., Barrios, N. B., Williams, H., & Foster, G. (1986). The flexible policy for the seventh period/extended school day in Florida. Florida Journal of Educational Research, 28(1), 109-124.

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