(1) Vertical Extension of Two-Year Colleges a Ten Year Survey: 1964-1974

Kent D. Beeler
Eastern Michigan University

Abstract: The number, location, and characteristics of two-year colleges that had elevated to four-year status during the past decade was reviewed. Data were gathered from the annual issues of the Education Directory, Higher Education prepared by the U.S. Office of Education. A total of 70 institutions were involved in upward academic moves with the annual average of seven in substantial agreement with similar studies previously reported in the literature. A decreasing percentage of two-year colleges, of the total eligible, were involved yearly. Institutional characteristics church-affiliation, enrollment of under 500, and lack of regional accreditation were present in a higher proportion than found generally in all two-year colleges during the same period. It was concluded that the frequent allegations that the two-year college is an unstable format and has a propensity to seek transformation to a four-year status are inaccurate and have become even more so in recent years.

Citation: Beeler, K. D. (1974). Vertical extension of two-year colleges a ten year survey: 1964-1974. Florida Journal of Educational Research, 16(1), 86-100.

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