(11) Reasons for Attending College as Reported by Female Students in a Southern University

Fred Schab
University of Georgia

Abstract: A random sample of 791 female students at the University of Georgia were asked to select from a list of 20 possible motives, the five most important reasons why they decided to attend college, and the five most important reasons why they thought other students (male and female) had decided to attend. The reasons selected by the subjects for their own attendance were generally reflective of traditional societal values (e.g., occupational training, intellectual improvement). Motives attributed to other female students were generally self-indulgent (e. g., finding husbands, pleasing parents, having fun). Those attributed to male students included occupational training as the most important, followed by self-indulgent reasons (e. g., postponing settling down, having fun).

Citation: Schab, F. (1974). Reasons for attending college as reported by female students in a southern university. Florida Journal of Educational Research, 16(1), 55-66.

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