(1) Problems and Issues in Contemporary Evaluation with Emphasis on Systems or Programs Such as Teacher Education

Leonard S. Cahen
Educational Testing Service

Abstract: The 1960s have been marked by major changes in education. These changes have included major social and curriculum innovations. Accompanying these innovations, we have observed a rebirth in the philosophy and technology of evaluation. The paper covers some general evaluation issues and questions including the relationship of evaluation and educational research. A plea is made for two stage evaluations of programs or systems such as teacher education. The first step includes the evaluation of the specific program to bring about changes in teacher behavior. The second stage looks at the effects of the change behaviors of teachers on pupils and the school environment.

Citation: Cahen, L. S. (1971). Problems and issues in contemporary evaluation with emphasis on systems or programs such as teacher education. Florida Journal of Educational Research, 13(1), 154-170.

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