(2) An Oral History of the Florida Educational Research Association: The Story of the Origin and Evolution of a Grassroots Professional Organization

Cid Conley
Florida Gulf Coast University

Bruce W. Hall
University of South Florida


The Florida Educational Research Association (FERA), a grass-roots professional organization of educational research scholars, is almost a half-century old. This oral history of the organization explores the beginnings of the organization, provides an illustrative example of using oral history as a technique for conducting research, and delivers an understanding of how grassroots organizations emerge and how they sustain their initial momentum. Eighteen members of FERA were interviewed for this study including past presidents, past and present board members, school district-based researchers and university-based researchers, some of who have been involved with the organization since its inception.


Conley, C., & Hall, B. W. (1999). An oral history of the Florida Educational Research Association: The story of the origin and evolution of a grassroots professional organization. Florida Journal of Educational Research, 39(1), 3-45.

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