(2) Augmented Reality to the Rescue of Language Learners

Alia Hadid
Patrick Mannion
Babak Khoshnevisan
University of South Florida

Technology permeates all aspects of our lives, including the field of education. As educators in the field of language learning, we understand the importance of technology and the benefits it brings to classrooms. This inspired us to explore the use of an ever-evolving form of technology, augmented reality (AR), to help English learners (ELs). The purpose of this conceptual paper is to shed light on the potential value of using AR in language classrooms and provide an example of how teachers might adapt textbooks for ELs. The model we provide is a project, called “Reader Buddy,” in which we augment vocabulary, integrate skills, and extend learning beyond the boundaries of classrooms. A work in progress, Reader Buddy provides an example of how AR-based textbook supplements have potential to improve the quality of language teaching and learning. These AR supplements come to the rescue of ELs who face language-related struggles in their classes.

Hadid, A., Mannion, P., & Khoshnevisan, B. (2019). Augmented reality to the rescue of language learners. Florida Journal of Educational Research, 57(2), 81-89.

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