(2) Positioning Teachers as Researchers: Lessons in Empowerment, Change, and Growth

Michelle Vaughan
Christina Cavallaro
Jessica Baker
Cheri Celesti
Christopher Clevenger
Hannah Darling
Rebecca Kasten
Maria Laing
Rachel Marbach
Agnes Timar
Kelli Wilder
Florida Atlantic University

This inquiry explores the impact of an action research course, taught at a university laboratory school, on the teachers involved as researchers, professionals, and practitioners. Through action research coursework and project design, teachers in this project worked together to plan, conduct, and analyze their individual action research projects over the course of a 15-week semester. Guided by the question: “What is the impact of an action research course experience on teachers’ perceptions of their role as researchers and practitioners?” this manuscript brings together teachers’ written reflections to shed light on the empowering nature of teacher research.

Vaughan, M., Cavallaro, C., Baker, J., Celesti, C., Clevenger, C., Darling, H., Kasten, R., Laing, M., Marbach, R., Timar, A., & Wilder, K. (2019). Positioning teachers as researchers: Lessons in empowerment, change, and growth. Florida Journal of Educational Research, 57(2), 133-139.

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