(3) Improving Middle School Mathematics Achievement in Florida:Voices from the Field

Gladis Kersaint
University of South Florida

Denisse R. Thompson
University of South Florida

Abstract: This article reports findings of a research project funded by the Florida Department of Education to determine the key elements of a successful middle school mathematics program, the barriers to the implementation of such a program in Florida’s schools, and possible ways to overcome the barriers. Input from Florida stakeholders was elicited during seven regional focus group meetings. Additionally, stakeholder perceptions were augmented with published literature about the issues they identified. Despite the varied educational environments in which focus group participants engage, there was remarkable consensus in their views about the issues and concerns facing middle school mathematics achievement in Florida.

Citation: Kersaint, G., & Thompson, D. R. (2001). Improving middle school mathematics achievement in Florida: Voices from the field. Florida Journal of Educational Research41(3), 43-78.

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