(4) Preparing Students for High-Stakes Testing in Florida: An Interactive Website

Valerie Wright
St. Leo University

Ann E. Barron
University of South Florida

Jeffrey D. Kromrey
University of South Florida


The Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (8th Grade Reading): A Staff Development Tool is a large, instructional website that is designed to help t4eacherrs prepare students for a high-stakes test. It was designed and developed by graduate students and staff of the Florida Center for Instructional Technology at the University of South Florida. This article provides information on the analysis, design, and development of the interactive website. Results from an evaluation study with 8th grade students (n=1430) and teachers (n=18) indicate that the students found the program to be easy to use and useful in preparing for the FCAT.


Wright, V.., Barron, A. E., & Kromrey, J. D. (1999). Preparing students for high-stakes testing in Florida: An interactive website. Florida Journal of Educational Research, 39(1), 79-94.

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