(4) School Culture: Perspectives from Taiwanese and South Floridian Educators

Patrice R. LeBlanc
Nova Southeastern University

Abstract: The study compared Taiwanese and South Floridian educators’ perspectives on school culture. Participants were enrolled in a master of science program in Educational Leadership at a South Florida university. They completed a survey designed to assess the beliefs and values inherent in school culture Both quantitative and qualitative survey data, when interpreted using the literature in the field, provided insights into the participants’ curriculum and instruction decisions. In addition, the research value of the survey used was affirmed. Also, codes established to describe the micro-level of school culture have potential for expansion into a framework to enhance theory development.

Citation: LeBlanc, P. R. (1997). School culture: perspectives from taiwanese and south Floridian educators. Florida Journal of Educational Research, 37(1), 17-34.

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