(5) The Extent of Agreement on a Definition of Competency Based Vocational Education Among Vocational Curriculum Specialists

Robert R. Lange
University of Central Florida

Abstract: An instrument developed to assess the extent to which postsecondary vocational programs are competency-based consisted of 159 items grouped into 8 sub-scales. The items were reviewed by a national sample of content experts who rated each item on the extent to which it differentiated between competency-based and conventional vocational education. Each item was classified as having received high, moderate, or low agreement. A log-linear analysis was completed with the item as the unit of analysis. The results indicated that agreement was higher with CBVE items than with conventional vocational items and was lower for items related to the basic standards of CBVE than for the facilitating standards.

Citation: Lange, R. R. (1986). The extent of agreement on a definition of competency based vocational education among vocational curriculum specialists. Florida Journal of Educational Research, 28(1), 99-108.

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