(6) The Impact of Middle School Reform Initiatives on Student Achievement and Retention in a Florida Magnet School

L. Carolyn Pearson
University of West Florida

Janet K. Pilcher
University of West Florida

Linda A. Weeks
University of West Florida

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to determine the impact of a magnet middle school’s reform initiatives on retention, 8th grade writing achievement for the full implementation year, and standardized achievement scores for students who attended Brown Barge Middle School for three consecutive years. Retention rate, writing skills, and standardized test achievement scores in six areas were examined. Results indicated a high retention rate and an increase in writing achievement for students. Standardized test scores indicated a significant increase in reading, science, and social studies achievement. There was a significant decrease in math achievement.

Citation: Pearson, L. C., Pilcher, J. K., & Weeks, L. A. (1996). The impact of middle school reform initiatives on student achievement and retention in a Florida magnet school. Florida Journal of Educational Research, 36(1), 33-40.

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