(7) An Inquiry to Discover Hispanic Serving Institution Experiences on Serving Hispanic Students

María D. Vásquez-Colina
Florida Atlantic University

Leisha Cali
Hodges University

Bret Danilowicz
Florida Atlantic University

Sunem Beaton-Garcia
Broward College

S. Kent Butler
University of Central Florida

Joaquin Martinez
Miami Dade College

Jeremy Moreland
St. Thomas University

Meline Kevorkian
Nova Southeastern University


In this article, a panel of administrators and faculty describe and analyze their institutional experiences across seven Hispanic-serving institutions (HSI). While there is growing research on HSIs in the United States, there is limited published evidence of HSIs discussing their identity. As the Hispanic population increases, scholarly initiatives and student services have an opportunity to focus on Hispanic college enrollment and retention, as well as on fostering cultures representative of Hispanic students’ cultures. The question that guided this panel discussion was: How has HSI status shaped your institution’s organizational identity and initiatives? The inquiry revealed five interrelated elements that compose an HSI identity: institutional aims, student body, campus culture, community connections, and faculty and staff initiatives. A discussion on HSI literacy is offered as a notion to include in the HSI research literature.


Vásquez-Colina, M.D., Cali, L., Danilowicz, B., Beaton-Garcia, S., Butler, S.K., Martinez, J., Moreland, J., & Kevorkian, M. (2020).  An Inquiry to Discover Hispanic ServingInstitution Experiences on Serving Hispanic Students. Florida Journal of Educational Research, 58(7), 34-43.

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