(7) Arithmetic Computation Comparison in Traditional and Innovative Schools

Earl F. Hughes
Nova University

Abstract: In this study, arithmetic computation was the criterion variable in a comparison between an innovative and two traditional schools. The innovative school differed from the traditionalschools as it placed specific emphasis on fostering independent learning by including the students in individual academic decisions.

A single-classification analysis of covariance was used to com- pare the three schools with arithmetic concepts as the covariate and arithmetic computation as the criterion variable. The analysis resulted in a significant difference between schools. The major contribution to the difference carrie from one of the traditional schools performing better in arithmetic computation than either the other traditional school or the innovative school. The traditional school that was high on computation scores was lower than the innovative and the other traditional school on the arithmetic concept measure.

Citation: Hughes, E. F. (1972). Arithmetic computation comparison in traditional and innovative schools. Florida Journal of Educational Research, 14(1), 59-70.

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