(7) Transposed Factor Analysis as a means of Typing Educational Philosophies Across Cultures

Wilson H. Guertin
University of Florida

Abdallah Omar Naser
University of Jordan

Abstract: Female teachers indicated degree of agreement with 83 philosophy of education items. The 25 Jordanian Arab and Florida Americans were intercorrelated to disclose similarity of responding. The resulting intercorrelation matrix with communality estimates in the diagonal was factor analyzed. The Varimax rotated factor matrix revealed three type-factors; a major American factor, a major Arab, and a minor Arab factor. A profile of contrasting differences between the two major types is given. Only one of the 50 subjects could not be identified from loadings on the two major type-factors. National stereotypes may be useful and the view of Westerns and non-Westerns as “brothers” seems to have a better basis in humanism than in science.

Citation: Guertin, W. H., & Naser, A. O. (1971). Transposed factor analysis as a means of typing educational philosophies across cultures. Florida Journal of Educational Research, 13(1), 106-111.

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