Issue: 1976 Volume 18

(7) Credit-by-Examination as Seen by Secondary School Teachers and Coordinators of Accountability in Florida

G. Emerson Tully
State University System of Florida

Abstract: A sample of secondary school teachers, and most of the district coordinators for testing and evaluation in Florida, responded to a series of questionnaires designed to obtain their views concerning the awarding of college level course credit as the result of achieving a designated cutoff score on an examination. Descriptive brochures for the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) and the Advanced Placement Pro- gram (APP) were included with the questionnaires for review by tile survey participants. Questionnaire analyses revealed that there is considerable support for the concept of credit- by-examination programs for high school students, that the CLEP and the APP materials are of very high quality but are inadequate as study aids, that credit-by-examination is a positive motivating force for high school students, and that greater emphasis should be given the availability of credit-by- examination. Furthermore, concern was expressed over the divergent approaches to credit-by-examination used by the CLEP and the APP as evidenced by the feeling that the CLEP may be inferior to the APP because CLEP examinations appear to be less difficult.

Citation: Tully, G. E. (1976). Credit-by-examination as seen by secondary school teachers and coordinators of accountability in Florida. Florida Journal of Educational Research, 18(1), 1-4.

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