(1) Florida Journal of Educational Research: Exploring the Online Potential

Shauna Schullo
University of South Florida

Ann E. Barron
University of South Florida

Abstract: Beginning with this issue, the Florida Journal of Educational Research will be published only in an online version; there will be no printed copy. The move to an online publication will decrease printing and mailing expenses, and it offers the potential to expand the media provided with each issue.This article provides techniques and guidelines for incorporating media elements, such as animations, audio, video, and data files, to augment a research article. Links to online articles are included to provide examples of media-enhanced research.

Citation: Schullo, S., & Barron, A. E. (2001). Florida Journal of Educational Research: Exploring the online potential. Florida Journal of Educational Research41(1), 1-13.

Download:  Schullo411.pdf (1120 downloads )