(4) Statistics Courses in the Business Curriculum: The Relationship Between Text and Context

Deborah J. Gougeon
University of Scranton


Focusing on statistics courses in the business curriculum, this paper examines the data on topical coverage in thirty-one college Business Statistics textbooks. While there is general agreement among business educators that the development of quantitative skills, especially in statistics, should be a core requirement in all business curricula, there is very little that is certain about what the specific content of such courses should be. Because there is little agreement on the specific content of Business Statistics courses, it is often difficult for teachers to find a text that actually “fits” in terms of topics taught, and that is also pedagogically satisfying in terms of organization, numbers, and types of problems, levels of difficulty, etc. A presentation and analysis of the results of this topical survey are provided, along with suggestions for future research.


Gougeon, D. J. (2004). Statistics courses in the business curriculum: The relationship between text and context. Florida Journal of Educational Research42(4), 71-89.

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