(2) An Analysis of Geographic Trends in Exceptional Student Education Services

Lodi Rohrer
Alisha Braun
Phyllis Jones
Jennifer R. Wolgemuth
David S. Lamb
Karen Colucci
Vonzell Agosto
Zorka Karanxha
University of South Florida

This study examines geographic patterns of inclusive education placements and specialized programs for students with disabilities in a single region of Florida during the 2017–2018 academic year. Publicly available data on exceptional student education services are used to compare three adjacent school districts on enrollment patterns. Thematic mapping of educational placements at the school level is used to illustrate geographic patterns for one of the districts. Overall, results suggest that the majority of students in the region are served for most of the day in general education classrooms. Geographic maps show that schools with specialized programs tend to be clustered in areas with larger populations. These results have important implications for developing transportation routes that can minimize travel times for students with disabilities who attend specialized programs at schools outside of their assigned zone.

Rohrer, L., Braun, A., Jones, P., Wolgemuth, J.R., Lamb, D.S., Colucci, K., Agosto, V., & Karanxha, Z. (2019). An analysis of geographic trends in exceptional student education services. Florida Journal of Educational Research, 57(2), 150-157.

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