(2) The Effect of Florida School District Classifications on Academic Outcomes: A Multivariate Analysis

Lauren Raubaugh
Ying Xiong
University of Central Florida

This study takes a macro-scale look at the state of Florida, utilizing aggregated data from all 67 of its school districts from academic years 2015–2016 and 2016–2017, as a first step to understanding statewide patterns. It details statistical analyses that intend to describe (rather than generalize) trends in student performance on standardized tests by district, testing for an effect of location on performance when accounting for additional student variables. Findings can provide a framework around which to inform policy changes and pedagogical techniques in order to improve the quality of education across the state.

Raubaugh, L., & Xiong, Y. (2019). The effect of Florida school district classifications on academic outcomes: A multivariate analysis. Florida Journal of Educational Research, 57(2), 158-169.

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