(2) Are Tip Award Teachers Really Expert Teachers?

Jeffrey D. Kromrey
University of South Florida

Kathryn L. Laframboise
University of South Florida

Daniel M. Purdom
University of South Florida

Abstract: The TIP application portfolio narratives of39 award winning faculty members were analyzed for statements congruent with the prototype model of teaching expertise suggested by Sternberg and Horvath (1995). Faculty participants were selected from a college of education and a college of arts and sciences at a large Florida university. A content analysis of the narratives revealed faculty descriptions of personal teaching philosophies and practices that are congruent with most aspects of the Sternberg and Horvath model. Evidence of knowledge and efficiency was readily obtained from the narratives, but evidence of insight was seen much less frequently. Additionally, the narratives suggested important aspects of teaching expertise that are not represented in the Sternberg and Horvath model.

Citation: Kromrey, J. D., Laframboise, K. L., & Purdom, D. M. (1998). Are tip award teachers really expert teachers? Florida Journal of Educational Research, 38(1), 65-74.

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