(4) Research and Practice: An Administrator’s View

Frances K. Kochan
Florida State University

Abstract: Coping with constant change requires that organizations create internal cooperative networking systems, implement joint decision-making, and transfer responsibility for solving problems to those working closest to them. In the school setting, this requires a change in the role and relationships among teachers, administrators, and students. Rather than being viewed as an authority figure, the administrator becomes part of a decision-making team that helps establish a vision and mission for the school. Teachers must become models who are themselves researchers capable of reflecting on practice and improving it based upon their reflection. This article examines how a teacher-researcher program fits into the reform and restructuring movement of today and presents practical information for the administrator in developing and implementing such an endeavor.

Citation: Kochan, F. K. (1992). Research and practice: an administrator’s view. Florida Journal of Educational Research, 32(1), 27-33.

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