(5) Building Classroom Community in a Second Grade Class

Jane J. Leonard
Florida State University School

Abstract: Discipline in the 1990s presents a challenge for many classroom teachers. One solution arising from a teacher-researcher project involved creating a “working community” in a second grade class. Community officers, rules, consequences, and elections were incorporated and maintained by the students. Participation helped develop students’ responsibility for individual behavior, and concern for others flourished. Some of the most difficult community offenders were forced by their peers to re-examine their actions and be in charge of them. A new appreciation for “responsibility” evolved as the community concept led to new understandings for the students and the teacher. A difficult group of second graders became citizens who were in charge.

Citation: Leonard, J. J. (1992). Building classroom community in a second grade class. Florida Journal of Educational Research, 32(1), 34-40.

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