(6) “It Comes Out Weird to Me:” Perspectives on Grammar and Writing

Nancy L. McFarland
Florida State University

Abstract: In a very practical way, grammar is the foundation that speakers and writers rely on to communicate. The integration of grammar and writing instruction in classrooms is essential for building students’ awareness of the numerous ways in which they can use language. By teaching students how to use their words and their ideas to create writing for readers to enjoy, teachers encourage students to use their abilities freely. Through this teacher-researcher project, the question of how grammar and writing instruction assists or hinders students’ writing skills was studied. Based on interviews, a brief survey, and examples of students’ writing, it was found that the students wanted more practical assistance in writing and grammar. The implications for teaching grammar at the high school level are discussed.

Citation: McFarland, N. L. (1992). (6) “It comes out weird to me:” perspectives on grammar and writing. Florida Journal of Educational Research, 32(1), 52-59.

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