(4) The Elementary Mathematics/Science Specialist Program: Trying to Practice What We Preach!

Kathleen Kelly-Benjamin
Florida Institute of Technology

Abstract: Current literature in educational research emphasizes the benefits of instructional strategies such as hands-on exploration, cooperative learning, team projects, and constructivist activities. However, the adoption and/or effectiveness of these same methodologies in college courses is evidenced far less frequently. This article describes the professional growth experienced by both instructors and students participating in a graduate level program that embodied these recommended practices. The Elementary Mathematics/Science Specialist Program, established at the Florida Institute of Technology, answered the Department of Education Eisenhower Grant Program’s call for improving teachers opportunities for learning math and science. This paper reflects the developmental nature of the transitions experienced by the programs’ inStructors as they moved through the reflective teaching process.

Citation: Kelly-Benjamin, K. (1994). The elementary mathematics/science specialist program: trying to practice what we preach! Florida Journal of Educational Research, 34(1), 70-88.

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