(5) Students’ and Parents’ Perspectives on a Magnet School’s Effectiveness

Janet K. Pilcher
University of West Florida

Linda A. Weeks
University of West Florida

L. Carolyn Pearson
University of West Florida

Abstract: Brown Barge Middle School, located in the Escambia County School District, Florida, is a voluntary magnet school. Characteristics of Brown Barge Middle School include: 1) a flexible schedule that can accommodate extended time blocks for instruction, planning, and special events; 2) technology components that are incorporated in the core curriculum; and 3) an integrative and cooperative cross grade level approach to designing and implementing curriculum and instruction. The purpose of this study was to examine Brown Barge students’ and their parents’ attitudes towards these characteristics. The results indicated that the integrated approach in the curriculum design implemented at Brown Barge Middle School was viewed positively by most students and their parents.

Citation: Pilcher, J. K., Weeks, L. A., & Pearson, L. C. (1994). Students’ and parents’ perspectives on a magnet school’s effectiveness. Florida Journal of Educational Research, 34(1), 14-30.

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