(5) Selecting Foreign Students – Are GPA and Ratings Interchangeable as Criterion Variables?

Tom D. Freijo, Ph.D.
University of South Florida

Abstract: This study investigates the relationship between certain background variables often used to select foreign students for study in the U. S. and two criterion variables – GPA and ratings of on-the-job success upon returning to their home country. It represents an effort to determine whether GPA is a reasonable substitute for ratings of on-the-job as a criterion variable. The relationship between six background variables and the two criterion variables was studied in a group of Honduran educators who studied in Florida during 1969-1970. The study indicated that some variables which were good predictors of GPA were poor predictors of ratings of on-the-job success, and that most variables were more highly correlated with GPA than with ratings.

Citation: Freijo, T. D. (1974). Selecting foreign students – are GPA and ratings interchangeable as criterion variables?. Florida Journal of Educational Research, 16(1), 16-27.

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